Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning

We provide excellent industrial and commercial HVAC solutions from the leading companies in the world. This includes the latest Industrial and Commercial Air Conditioning Systems and equipment for any type of building. All projects are designed by our in house design engineers with energy efficiency and reduce the costs to a minimum in mind by setting standards after the inspection report from the original site.

Powerskill Engineering is an ISO 9001 accredited expert in the design, installation and commissioning of leading edge evaporative cooling, heating, ventilation, smoke/fire ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for a diverse range of residential, industrial and commercial spaces. With our wide range of HVAC systems availability we create happier and healthier spaces.

Our expert installation staff, backed up by qualified and experienced engineers, make customer satisfaction as our highest priority.

Plumbing Services

We are experienced and professional to meet all of your plumbing requirements. We provide services for Residential, industrial, commercial, public sector and other sectors of small to large scale plumbing solutions. This includes bathrooms, drains, appliance installation, waste management etc.

Our costs are transparent at competitive and economical rates. We are one of the leaders in the industry and having a good history with powerful client list. We have skilful in-house team of design engineers and a large workforce to complete any large task on time.

We guarantee our clients satisfaction, and that is our priority.